Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Weight 146.2 (-1.0) yea!
Waist 34 3/4" (+1/4") boo!
Hips 37 1/2" (-1/4") yea!
Bust 38 1/2" NO CHANGE
Biceps 12 1/2" (+1/2") boo! but they are getting cut!
Neck 13 3/4" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20"(+3/4")BOO!

OK, OK OK! I know I missed last week. Wait a minute now, I have a REALLY GOOD reason. My grandson Aiden Reese was born. Yes! of course he's the most precious baby in the world. I mean really???? You have to ask?


1. I exercised. I tried out two new videos. (yes, I'm going to tell you what I
thought of them.)

2. I ate low point snacks like popcorn or fruit when I was hungry. Popcorn really
satisfies me when I have the munchies!

3. I had my 4-5 servings a day of veggies! Definitely keeps me full (ha!and regular
if you must know!)

4. I drank my 8 cups or more of water each day. This keeps me from mistaking
hunger for thirst.


1. Getting enough sleep. When I am sleepy, I eat to get me going.

2. Writing down my food. I am still struggling with this.

3. Making bad choice when I go out to dinner.

All that being said, I didn't do too bad over the past two weeks. We have eaten out quite a bit which is hard for me. And my routine has been a blur with the birth of a new Grandson.
THE VIDEOS 1. Leslie Sandsone's 2 mile walk of the pounds!
at first I thought wow, this is nothing and kind of a waste of my time. Well, it didn't take long for me to work up sweat. It's not a real high intensity workout but, it did get my heart rate up and work up a sweat. This will definitely be a great morning workout for me. When I want to get some cardio in but, just don't feel up to a real high intensity workout. I am going to try to get Steve to do this some morning while I do the elliptical glider. I think it would be perfect for him.

2. Amy Dixon 20 minute kickbox!
I liked this one. There was a lot of legs, OH MY! I'm sure I will be sore over the next couple of days. I definitely worked up a sweat and my heart rate got up a bit. This is a keeper for a quick cardio workout for sure.


1. Opo Melon.

Steve will have to give you the exacts but, he made a miso soup base and put large two bite size pieces of the Opo Melon. Cooked this till almost fork tender and then added shredded carrot and zucchini, and sliced mushrooms. We had this yummalicious soup over buckwheat noodles with some Thai Peanut Sauce mixed in. Oh My! Very hearty, satisfying, and low point soup!

2. Swiss Chard.

Yes, I know I absolutely love greens. I'm sure you can't believe that I have not had swiss chard before. I like! We had a hearty 2 cups for each of us of swiss chard (a quick saute with a teaspoon of olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, and 2 teaspoons of garlic for each 2 cup serving serving), 1 cup of whole wheat spaghetti, 1/2 cup chick peas, and a 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. Pasta with greens has got to be my absolute favorite meal every. It's quick, hearty, low in points, and yummalicious to boot! The swiss chard worked really well in this dish and I do believe I will try it again soon.

So, this week I again am going to vow to work really hard to:

1. Write it down! Again, you are seeing, I am a slow learner.
2. Drink 8 cups of water daily.
3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each day.
4. Try a new video. I think it will be an AB's video to see if I can start some waist
5. Try a new fruit.
6. Try a new recipe and report back!

Love, Peace, and don't cook with Grease!
Dawn, The Dietetic Technician

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's starting to sink in!

Weight 147.2 (+0.4) boo!
Waist 34 1/2" (-1/2") yea!
Hips 37 3/4" (+1/4") boo! but i wanna think that's because I'm getting a boot tey!
Bust 38 1/2" (-1/2")yea
Biceps 12"NO CHANGE
Neck 13 3/4" (-1/4") and there's no sucking your neck in! hahaha!
Thigh 19 1/4"(-3/4")yea!

Well, yes my weight is up a bit. And no, I did not track consistently again. Wow, I so hate admitting when I don't take my own advice, especially if I'm right. I just stinks. Not that I'm right, the part where I don't even listen to me lol. That's why this i a journey. It's progress even what others might consider a failure (my weight is up this week), I do not. I still see progress. My inches are changing. I'm learning from my mistakes. This too is progress!

I know you are all dying to know what vegetable I tried. Ha! Steve brought home an OPA MELON from Jungle Jim's yesterday. ( Definitely check out the website. This has got to be the coolest grocery around. Tons of people actually vacation here just to go to this market. If they don't carry it, it probably doesn't exist. I confess, we have not tried the melon yet. We will though and ya know you will have to hear about it lol.

Well, anywho, I have been doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred for the past several weeks. I have been doing it about 5 days a week and wow, is it showing. Other than the obvious that you can see my inches are changing, I can also tell. My arms are looking pretty buff and oh my!, I'm getting a shapely boot tey! I'm definitely loving that. Also, my stamina and energy level are soaring! (see info below on upcoming grandson and know that I will need that energy!)

Although I have been staying within my points, at least the points that I am calculating in my head and not writing down. Yes, I get it. I'm guessing you are getting it too. I'M A SLOW LEARNER! WRITE DOWN YOUR FOOD DOOFUS! Ha! I just needed to be forceful with myself for a minute to ensure that I get it this week. I have been eating some junk. (ie: cake and chips at my son's & his girlfriends baby shower (oh yeah! gonna be a grandma in a few weeks! woot woot) we also went to the chinese buffet last night! I only had sushi and did not even go to the buffet bar. total successful moment for me and yes I am bragging but, I did have a lot of soy sauce with my sushi and I know that is showing up today with some water retention.) Ha! I crack me up. I digress even within my digressions lol. THE POINT DAWN, GET TO THE POINT. Oh yeah. When I eat too much junk it shows. Even if it is within my points, when I eat too much processed junk the scale doesn't seem to move in the right direction for me. I know that is because through Dr. Oz, Dr. Roisen, and Weight Watcher's they are promoting me to eat healthier and my body wants that too.

So what are this weeks goals you ask????

1. Write down all the food I put in my mouth. (this will be really hard for me this week since it is my birthday on Wednesday. This forces me to count and write down my birthday dinner!)

2. Eat the Opa Melon.

3. Continue to exercise but, try a new work out video. I will report back on this and tell you how I felt about it. We have Exercise TV so my video will most likely come from there.

Dawn, The Dietetic Technician

Love, Peace, and Don't cook with Grease!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

follow me everything is all right!

Weight 146.8 (-2.0) yea!
Waist 35" (-1/2") yea!
Hips 37.5" no change
Bust 39" (-1/2")
Biceps 12"NO CHANGE
Neck 14" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20"(-1/2")

OK, so it's official. If i write down what I eat and follow the WEIGHT WATCHER
program, it works! Let me just say, at this particular moment, I am elated about it too. At first, I stepped on the scale, was happy, and then let myself go to the "yea, but I still need to lose 8 pounds to get to where I was and even at that I still haven't reached my goal." Well, I washed those thoughts out of my head right away. Nothing a good hot cup of coffee and some common sense won't fix! I will not let negative thoughts ruin my successes. I've done well. I lost weight and inches. I followed the plan and it shows. For this I will be PROUD! All of you who struggle with your weight know that this is an accomplishment and just for today, I am going to walk with my head held high knowing that I am doing something for myself and taking steps to a healthier me.

My goal last week was to write everything down that I ate. Did you do it too??? I did! Really, I did. Well, except for last night I did it pretty much in my head again from supper on. OK, it's progress, not perfection but, if I don't admit my mistakes I can't fix them. So, I'm admitting and I'm working on fixing that starting today.

NEW GOAL: So, even though I'm still perfecting my goal from last week, I am still going to challenge myself for a new goal. After careful consideration, I have decided to try one new vegetable this week or a vegetable that I don't normally eat. Now, those of you who know me, know that I am pescetarian. This means I do not eat any meat except for seafood, and that is usually one a week or less. So, that being said, I EAT A LOT OF VEGETABLES! This might make this little goal of mine hard to do but, I am in search of a new vegetable or, one I haven't eaten in a long tome. Suggestions welcomed and much appreciated!

This is going to be my new game plan. And yes, I am one of those people who need a plan but, I need a flexible one. Yea WEIGHT WATCHERS for allowing this. Anywho, my plan is to add a new mini goal or challenge each week. It will be something simple and attainable for all. Hence, the title, "Follow me". I challenge you to join me in these simple steps to better our health. I hope you will join me. I need your help. Without accountability and friendship I don't do well in my weight loss/ health journey.

Love, Peace, and don't cook with Grease,

Dawn :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

it's working!

Weight 148.8 (-1.6) yea!
Waist 35.5" (-1/2") yea!
Hips 37.5" (-1/2") yea!
Bust 39.5" (+1/2") oh my! hoping it's because of TOM!
Biceps 12"NO CHANGE
Neck 14" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20.5"(+1/2")
oh my! hoping it's because of TOM!

Well, it's been a week since I last checked in. I made myself do that so that I wouldn't be giving you all my measurements 20 times a day. I'm always sure that when I pass up one _______(you fill in the blank with cupcake, ice cream, potato chip or whatever you choose) or if I do a hard workout that I will step on the scale and have miraculously lost 10 pounds and inches everywhere! Yea, whatever, I know you do it too lol.

Any how, I counted and wrote down my points 5 out of 7 days and it shows. I did the other 2 days in my head ( yes I know this is a big mistake and that will be my goal for this week, to write down everyday). I even saved my flex points for a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I'm sure I would have done a little better had I tracked my points in writing everyday and used my flex points for something a little more nutritious but, Weight Watchers is set up so that we can have our occasional treats and that works for me. It keeps me from feeling guilty like I sometimes do with very restrictive diets. Hence, ending up at the Chinese Buffet the week before when I deviated from the very strict fruit/veggie regimen I was trying.

Well, the point to this whole post is, It Is Working! The Weight Watcher Plan that is. I feel really good about it and myself for doing it. I did not feel deprived at all and this is key for me and for you I'm sure.

GOAL FOR THIS WEEK: Write down my food everyday, everyday, everyday. OK, I think I've got it!

Happy OP (On Plan) week all and......

Love, Peace, and Don't Cook with Grease,

Dawn :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Hot Mess

Weight 150.4 (-.1)
Waist 36" NO CHANGE
Hips 38" (+1")
Bust 39" NO CHANGE
Biceps 12"NO CHANGE
Neck 14" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20" NO CHANGE

Oh my! Well, there it is, my yo-yo dieting,trying several different tactics, and just plain giving up at times has afforded me many changes. I mean wow, I have lost .1 pounds in 5 months. I'm wondering if that is some kind of record??? Oh yeah, lets not forget that I did GAIN, yes I said GAIN 1" in my hips. Oh boy! just what I was wanting! Well, it's not a total wash. My hair did grow a little longer and I can still fit into the same earrings I was wearing in April.

Let me explain. Hmmmmm is there an explanation? Probably not! I didn't follow Weight Watchers. I tried several different things. Like my latest, eating all fruits and veggies with no grains or sugars. Just fruits and veggies to include a pound of raw veggies every day. Yes that's it except for the cup or more of beans or tofu that I had to eat every day.
I absolutely LOVE veggies but, I was getting to the point where if I even had to look at one more veggie I was going to hurl. It's just a guess but, I'm thinking this is probably not a good thing. I did make if 4 days. Oh my! That just didn't work for me. What that did do for me was land me at the Chinese Buffet last night.

Well, I woke up this morning thinking to myself, "Self, why on earth do you keep doing this? You lost 40# on Weight Watchers. You have managed somehow, even through trying to screw it up, to keep those 40# off. So, Self, what actually worked?" Ok, so here is where it gets really scary! My Self answered me back with, "Weight Watchers you idiot!" I really need to talk to my Self about being so curt but, sometimes I NEED that!

So, anyway, a friend of mine, Kristina from the Weight Watchers ****Taking it off in OHIO**** message board, which i stalk frequently, said she had skimmed my blog and it seemed like it would be motivating. HMMMM again I say to my Self, "Self, yes your blog could be motivating to others if you just posted on it. Oh my! your blog might even help yourSELF if you just do something with it." So, here I am. I'm backkkkkkk! No! No! No! Don't be frightened. It's not Poltergeist silly. It's me, DAWN.

So, this morning I will begin my journey AGAIN. I know, I know, here we go again. But, getting my mind right, making mistakes along the way and learning from them, just might make it all stick some day! ( and not stick to my growing hips!)

Love, Peace, and don't cook with Grease!

Dawn, the Dietetic Technician!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Weight 150.5 (-1) YEAH!!!
Waist 36" NO CHANGE
Hips 37 1/2" (-.5) YEAH!!!!!
Bust 39" NO CHANGE
Biceps 12." (-1/2")YEAH!
Neck 14" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20" NO CHANGE


So this week there have been some changes, in my weight and inches that is. And, don't get me wrong that is great! I'm ecstatic any time I see the numbers go down.

I tracked everything, and I mean everything, including the LARGE, yes you heard me right, LARGE German Chocolate Blizzard. It was over 1500 calories and 80grams of fat. Who knew??? And, who the heck authorized that there could be a Dairy Queen within 2 miles of my house that has buy one get one for a quarter???? Thank goodness the sale goes off today, at least for this month anyway. So, I have decided that, if by some chance, I end up there today I will have a small blizzard. At least I know that today will be the last day for me until the end of next month. Ya see, I am way to cheap to spend that kind of money on ice cream. I mean, really???? when I can go to Kroger and get their Lite ice cream or some Weight Watcher's ice cream goodie for less than half the money and WAY less fat and calories. We call this my "CONTROLLED MAYHEM" but hey, it works! That is the important thing.

Any who, the point to all that, hmmm was there a point???? oh yeah, the point to all that was that I did have the special so terrible fattening treat, 1/2 price Sushi night out with Steve, and still manage to write it all down and stay within my points.

Finally, I did buy myself the treat that I earned. Ok, so I was a little late but, that did help me to stay on track this week because I want another treat :) I didn't get the Olay Regenerest that I had originally planned on, I got Loreal Revitalift. I LOVE IT! I haven't been using it long enough (only 4 days) to know if it works on the wrinkles or not but, it does make my face feel as soft as a baby's bottom. I still haven't decided on what I will get for this week for staying on track. Who knows with me???

Well, I really need to make some kind of CHANGE this week. You know, ramp it up a bit to make sure that I keep losing some pounds and inches. I'm thinking, since I absolutely hate being square, that I will work on my tummy a bit. So, for this week I am going to try to add 100 crunches a day. Ok now, I am counting on YOU to keep me accountable. So, here goes......

Love, Peace, and don't cook with Grease,

Dawn :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

lesson learned

This week I have learned several lessons....

1. Rewards only work when you follow through with them.

2. I CAN NOT eat everything that's not nailed down and lose weight.

3. Making the next available YOU-TURN will work!

So, this is how I have come to learn all this. And, might I add, not bad for a weeks work if I have learned three whole things hehehe.

I did track my points all last week and I did EARN my reward of something special. I didn't however, follow through with getting myself something special. I thought about it. I dreamed about looking for something special for myself and not feeling guilty. But, I never quite went to the store to get anything. So, my reward did not work because I failed to do something for myself. This has always been an issue for be. I'm not sure if I play my own martyr or not but, I don't allow myself to put first. Again, I'm a work in progress. I know that this is something I need to work on or I will carry this weight with me forever. I am worthy of weight loss and celebrating my successes.

I tracked my points all week until Saturday. Then I quit tracking because I was going to a fish fry. I have to STOP this in order to succeed, and succeed I will! So no reward for me this week but, I do vow to reward myself for last week. I think a little reward and putting myself on the list of important things to take care of will get, and keep me motivated. I am worth it. Oh yeah, the fish fry with a carry in dinner at church (a little shout out to the Conaroe's for the fish and the ladies at church for all the yummilicious dishes they brought) was where I learned that I can't eat everything that's not nailed down and succeed. As a little side note and reminder for myself in the future, I have terrible heart burn. My non shrinking tummy is on fireeeeee.

The next available YOU-TURN comes into play right now! I WILL TRACK MY POINTS THIS WEEK! And, with that, I know I will have some kind of success. Even if it is to just get this burning out of my tummy!

So, when you look below at my results for the week, I'm sure just I wasn't shocked, you will not be either. Not much change.

So, now I say to myself, "Self, was not tracking and stuffing your face with things that you know are terrible for your body worth it?" Myself answers, "NO, IT WAS NOT!

Weight 151.5 NO CHANGE
Waist 36" NO CHANGE
Hips 38" NO CHANGE
Bust 39" NO CHANGE
Biceps 12.5" (-1/2")YEAH!
Neck 14" NO CHANGE
Thigh 20" NO CHANGE

With all those "NO CHANGE" it's a good thing I'm not an ATM or my body would fire me!

Love, Peace, and don't cook with Grease,